We Master Lease Properties

The Blind Tiger Group leases properties from homeowners looking to maintain their assets at the highest level with guaranteed long-term income. With a wide array of homes and condos, each property we represent is handpicked and undergoes an extensive staging and preparation process to ensure that the property will consistently maintain its deluxe and welcoming feel.

Your success is our highest priority, so we’ll take all necessary steps to make sure that your property becomes a consistent stream of revenue. This passive income grants homeowners the freedom and flexibility to spend less time worrying about their property maintenance and more time focusing on planning out their future goals.

We Fully Maintain & Upkeep Your Property

Our clients expect their homes to perform well, and our mission is to exceed these expectations.

We’ll coordinate full-service property management in order to provide all the maintenance and upkeep to make the home preserve that luxurious feel. For even more peace of mind, we maintain liability insurance and name the landlord as additional insured. Plus, we’ll perform constant quality control to assure that the property is continuously performing at the highest level and ensure compliance with all pertinent city registration.

From updating your smart home fixtures to maintaining the grounds, we invest in your success by providing equity-boosting additions to the property so that you always put your best foot forward

We Work With Esteemed Clientele

We’ll make sure that the right people enter the property, and our efficient and effective qualification screening process is certain to add confidence to every transaction. Primarily, we focus on families and business stays so that you never have to worry about raucous tenants.

Our global network of clients includes only the best, and we restrict any events or parties from taking place on your property so that you never have to worry. With us, you can start living your dreams today.